– 192.168.l.l IP Address stands for Internet Protocol, the concept of assigning an address for the devices in a computer network, such devices can be computers, printers or network devices such as wifi transmitter, security equipment, etc.

The term is not too unfamiliar with the terms of the network, network administration, or the ip address, by now the Internet becomes ever more popular. Like computers, network devices may also use IP addresses to access and perform configuration settings and device management. Typically, each wireless device manufacturers will provide an address for management. also check and login incorrect

Functions of ( IP address

IP address of (192.168.x.1) is the default address to access the device management, the IP address is also the default gateway from local network to another network. Default gateway is like the village gate, people in the village (computers in the network) want to go to other villages are required to pass through this gate and the gate is also assign an address to facilitate the search.

Common default gateway address is set to .1, eg,,, etc. The value can be set in the range of 1 to 253, but mostly set to .1 to distinguish in very large networks (enterprise networks). This regulation help the network administrator easily find out the problem in routing between networks.

Just like in one street, two houses can not have the same number, two computers in the same network cannot have the same IP address, if the two devices with the same IP address are plugged into a network, IP address conflict may happen (IP Conflict) and both devices will not work.

Families now often use 2-3 Wifi emitters to have WiFi covering the entire space, so there may be up to 2-3 networks in the home leading to the fact that default address from manufacturer production may conflict with each other. However, users should not be worried as the current Wi-Fi devices have already been equipped with IP auto-reset function to avoid conflict.

Example: Tenda wifi device with an IP address default is, if plugged into the network address of 192.168.0.x / 24, it will automatically detect the conflict and automatically use the IP range of, if the range is, it will change itself to the range of

How to change the IP address of in case of failure

To avoid conflict between the IP addresses in the same network, you should set different IP address for each computer by changing the IP address.

If you are using computer network in the same building, or connect computers in different rooms to the network, you may face the situation in which some computers are connected while others aren’t. Or the computers in the network fail to connect. For example, IP, Subnet mask:, Default gateway are currently set.

Go to Run, type cmd, in Run console, type ipconfig / releaseipconfig / renew

With this article, hope you will get the most basic understanding of the IP address This is a common IP address and is essential when using the network, this basic knowledge will help you in many cases.