Fix the failure to enter the address of

You want to change your password modem wifi, you’ve seen a lot of instructions to change your password, but still do not know how to access the modem. You’ve been trying a lot of ways but were not successful, so this article will absolutely help you.

The cause

  1. You are accessing router rather than the wifi modem.
  2. Link to your wifi modem is not
  3. The anti-virus software or your internet browser block this link.
  4. You entered an incorrect or missing characters in the link.

How to fix link is only the default link of some modems, some modems have the same name as Tp-Link or Tenda, but with different log path, this depends on the technology and manufacture time.


You must make sure that they’re connected to wifi modem by lan network wire with the computer, because there are cases where you use wifi on the phone and laptop computer, the device you connect is only device receiving and emitting wifi rather than wifi modem, the log path of these devices is completely different from that wifi modem.

So what can I do to know the path to log into my wifi modem?

Firstly, you must make sure that you have a direct connection with wifi modem via LAN port to the computers.

Second, you should observe the instruction that ftp will introduce and directand follow it to know the path to your wifi modem.

First you need to identify how is your home wifi modem can be accessed?

From Start bar, type run and press Enter

After you press Enter, the screen shall be as described below, type CMD, then press OK

After you press ok, new window will appear, just type in ipconfig command and press enter, and the results will show the change password link of wifi modem as follows.

Thus in DOS above, you can see my modem link I am using is, if your modem has another log link, it will show up there.

After you have found the link to access the wifi modem, the rest is to take the next step to carry out wifi password change, if you still do not know how to change, refer to the article guiding How to change password below.

The article has provided instructions to fix the failure of logging and how to fix it and helps you understand more about the network. I hope that this article is helpful and help you to fix the failure to log into the IP address, and how to handle other network failure.